Womens | Mujeres

Ministerio de Mujeres

We have a lively and energetic group of women who meet every 3rd Saturday of each month at 3pm. Each meeting consist of a small talk that focuses on a range of topics from career to family to relationships and how to learn more about God. Evert meeting if full of laughter, excitement and practical teachings that can be apply everyday.

Afterward, there is a time of fellowship, music and it ends with a big delicious meal that the women themselves cooked and brought to share.


Tenemos un grupo activo y dinamico de mujeres que se reunen cada tercero sábado del mes a las 3 de la tarde. Cada reunión consiste en una platica que se enfoca en temas como el trabajo, la familia y relaciones y cómo aprender más de Dios. Estas platicas son practicas y ayudan a tener una perspectiva saludable hacia la familia y con Dios.

Al terminar la reunion, hay un tiempo de confraternidad, música y un gran banquete con comida que las mujeres han preparado para ese dia.

One response to “Womens | Mujeres

  1. We have an awesome time. It is a time that as women we come together
    not to just have fellowship, Even though that is great. but it is also a time to
    share each others burdens and pray for each other God knows that we need
    that. That is what keeps us together and helps us to refocus on our heavenly Father.
    I personaly need that. But it helps us as women of God to be better Moms,Wife,Sister,
    Aunt and list gos on. Some Women have even learn to cook our tipical spanish dishes.
    There becoming better cooks at home and they give testimony of that as well.
    God is doing great thing in the women ministriy. We also have had lots of women visiting on that 3rd Saturday of the month.God Bless you and if you are not involved in a womens ministry get involve and learn alot of stuff. By the way we also
    have learn to share the Gospel using evangelism explosion the hand awesome …….
    it is wonderful. bye

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