HomeGroups, cma107, iglesia107, homegroups107Our church functions within a small group structure. This simply means that on Friday nights a group of 6-8 people meet in homes to fellowship, drink a cup of coffee and share our experiences with friends. We would love to be able to connect with you and share a life time of wonderful experiences as we discover the purpose of life. Regardless of where you might be in life, our church has a connection group that will help in your journey.

We also have a variety of ministries that cater to your needs, from Sunday bible class for you kids to a dynamic youth group, an active women’s ministry and a lively worship ministry.

Mi Casa, Su Casa is the name or theme under which our church will be working for the next three years. Our plan is to restructure and strengthen our home group ministry which will become one of our ways to invite the community into our lives. Our vision is to grow from 20 home groups in the first year to 40 in the second and finally 100 in the third year.

If you can join us in prayer, please pray for…

  1. all our Home Groups and those who will lead and host
  2. our providers and the work ahead of them to organize their groups
  3. the friends and family members that will be invited and will attend a Home Group

We learn in Hebrews 4:16 to approach the Throne of Grace with confidence, expecting that God will answer. So let us pray with such fervor and commitment, expecting to see the Holy Spirit working.




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