The results of the 40 Days of Purpose

For the past 40 days we have been exploring a question that has been asked by many people and that will undoubtedly be asked by many more people. This question is “What on earth are we here for?”

Through reading the Purpose Driving Life and looking through the Bible we have come to the conclusion that we are all create for a purpose, and that purpose is to please God.

We explored the 5 ways we can please God:

  1. Worship – not only with our singing but with our whole life
  2. Fellowship – being part of the family of God and cultivating meaningful relationships with others in church
  3. Discipleship – becoming more like Christ in my everyday life through actively learning and practicing what I’ve learned
  4. Evangelism – sharing what God has done in my life to those around me.
  5. Missions – engaging and helping those in need providing for every facet of their lives.

In the past 40 days we have witness Gods work to bring people to the full knowledge of His salvation through believing and receiving Jesus Christ as their saviour.. Through weekly small groups that met in individual homes, 165 people where introduced or reminded of the best news ever, that this free gift we call salvation can be theirs also. As a result of this campaign many reconciled with God or accepted Jesus as their Lord and saviour..

As we start the engage and implement these 5 purposes in our lives we will be blessed and our purpose in life will become clearer and more focused.

We cannot wait to see how God will continue to work in us and through us to edify His church.

Stay tune as we bring you more updates on how God is working with and through The Christian & Missionary Alliance in Spanish Harlem.

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