Heart to change the world

It is said the darkness is the absence of light. It is also stated that where there is light there can not be darkness, the two can not coexist.

This past sunday we held our yearly Missionary Service with great success. It was startling to hear some of the facts about the lack of knowledge or dissemination of the gospel, not only over seas but also here at home. 1 out 7 people in the United States has an idea about God and the church but nothing substantial. In Morocco the number just to 1 in 30,000. It is evident that we need to continue to share this little light that God has given us. Speaking of light, the children’s ministry did an outstanding job sharing their little light with us through song and dance.

We also held our monthly english service which also dealt with missions. We had the privilege to hear from a couple who has been called to be missionaries. They share their struggles, challenges and how God has been faithful to them through the midst of their calling.

I hope that as we continue our journey with God, we will not forget to shine out light everywhere we go, to support those who are called to be missionaries and to be open to the calling God has for each one of us.

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