Anniversary Celebration – Friday

Last night we began our 83rd Anniversary celebration. It’s hard believe that this church has serve this community in Spanish Harlem for the last 83 years. Through all the struggles, hard times, the economy faltering God has always blessed this congregation and provided for His church.

The nigh started with some amazing worship. Followed by an even more amazing message by Pastor Dean Bracewell from a sister church in New Jersey. He highlighted the necessity and the blessings that come when we make a clean break with our past. As Paul explain in Philippians 2, that he wanted to reach for the goal that God had for him. Paul knew that there was power in the resurrection and that power was only found when we considered the things of the world, things that were in the past and things that do not add any value to our spiritual lives as rubbish. God has wonderful and amazing plans for all of us, once we completely make a clean break with out past and reach for the amazing future God has for us.

See you Saturday!

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